Shanit Frydman, Esq.

Transformation Coach, Attorney
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That Describe Me:
Current Location:Los Angeles, Ca


As a trial attorney for the L.A. City Attorney's Office, Shanit focused her coaching strategies to effectively train Police Officers, educate Judges, and guide jury members to fulfill their duties in the most honest and ethical way possible to reach true justice.

Drawing on volumes of scientific research and evidence-based strategies, Shanit focuses on identifying personalized goals, eliminating emotional and physical obstacles, creating and implementing tailor-made road maps for success.

Shanit provides real and active tools to clients so that they can finally achieve their goals-- with joy and clarity.  She specializes in helping individuals who feel trapped, or stuck in undesirable holding patterns, and gives them the tools to free them to move forward towards a renewed and more rewarding life.

Shanit achieves maximum success for individuals, teams, and businesses by applying the concepts of neuroplasticity, mindfulness, grit, and growth mindset to inspire them to actualize, and sustain a meaningful and purposeful existence.