Meryl Russo

Reinvention Coach
Three Words
That Describe Me:
Current Location:Encino, CA (Los Angeles)
Hometown:Westfield, NJ
Date of Birth:February 17th


Meryl Russo is a reinvention coach supporting women through life transitions. She also leads grief groups and is the creator of LiveInThePause - everyday tools to live a freer life, one pause at a time. She helps women “meet” themselves where they are with kindness, compassion and clarity. To access freedom as they walk in their wisdom.

As self- professed seeker, Meryl has been a student of human behavior and transformation for over 35 years. In one-on-one coaching, workshops and groups, she stands in one core truth of humanity; that every human wants to matter and be “seen.” You are born with an internal GPS; a knowing, an aliveness and a desire to connect. When you “see” yourself, you can “see,” connect and be of service to others. What gets in the way is the internal chatter, stories and limiting beliefs - all elements of being human. Through compassionate listening, kindness and impactful tools, you can access an inside-out practice to pause, rediscover and invent a life of possibility, freedom and joy.