Alex Mora

Branding Specialist, Co-Founder: LegalizeThey, Inclusivity Advocate
Current Location:Los Angeles, Ca
Hometown:Los Angeles, Ca
Date of Birth:May 4th


First Generation. American. Mexican. Native Los Angelino. Female. Queer.

Born in to a family of self-made creative and entrepreneurial powerhouses, Alex grew up in a matriarchal family where women led, English was a second language and culture was everything. This significance was felt both at home and in the professional arena (Alex’s mother has owned and operated a successful Spanish Language advertising agency for 25 years), providing the seeds of her deep-rooted understanding of the power of language and the role it plays in drawing up and out a community to action.

In her youth, Alex struggled to find a home in any one community, never fitting the binary options presented, immigrant or native, “white” or XX,” “lesbian,” or XX “rich" or “poor.” This early sense of otherness, and the sense of incomplete representation in the choices presented, would shape Alex’s journey for years to come.

Alex spent 15 years creating her own career as a second generation bilingual advertiser and marketer, shaping culturally impactful brands with her keen insights on culture, language, and image. In that same span of time Alex took a deep dive into her own self, realizing (with the help of Campowerment and a certain gift from Tammi) that maybe she was never meant to fit in, but maybe just maybe, she could embrace the standing out. Realizing that was her superpower is what ultimately led her to live a more authentic life, which in turn led to finding her now spouse, Iso. Learning, loving, and advocating for their health, wellbeing, and recognition in the world is what made Legalize They a reality.

Legalize They is an awareness movement and collective effort to educate the public and influence policy for non-binary humans. Legalize They offers a line of printed garments designed to bring visibility and inspire conversation around the trans/non-binary community. A percentage of proceeds goes directly to organizations that are actively working towards a more inclusive future. Legalize They aims to make their products accessible to the community and beyond by offering a tiered pricing structure that allows for equitable access to the goods and transparent profit and donation details for every purchase made.