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Alexa Houser

EFT Practitioner, Podcast Host + Expansion Coach

Anne "Sussy" Sussman

Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor

Ariana Bates

M.A., Resident Teacher: Ecstatic Dance LA

Caitlin Peterson, LCSW

Integrative Psychotherapist, CHt

Chelsea Leader Gold

CEO: Campowerment

Cynthia Ambres, M.D.

Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist

Debra Trappen

Leadership Consultant & Women’s Empowerment Advocate

Diana Schutt Franklin

Certified Professional Life Coach, Reiki Master, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner

El Larson

Sound Practitioner and Wellness Designer

Heather Berg

E-RYT, Buteyko Breathing Method Instructor

Isabeau Maxwell

Medium, Spiritual Teacher

Krista Rauschenberg

Advanced Akashic Reader; Breathwork Facilitator

Lauren Holland

Spiritual Hypnotist, Intuitive Channel, Healing Catalyst

Leslie McGuirk

Astrologer, Human Designer

Liana Naima

Spiritual Wellness Practitioner

Lois Nachamie, MFA, LCSW

Retired Board Certified Psychotherapist, Certified End of Life Counselor