Learning Session: Circle

Your 2024 Word: Let’s Check In!

With: Meryl Russo - Heart-Centered Life Coach

Thursday, July 11th at 8:30 pm EST

Duration: 75 minutes

About This Session:

You’ve chosen a word for 2024*. You've set some powerful intentions. As life is throwing gifts and curve balls, are you growing, learning, judging, forgiving, stumbling, and getting back up again? Or some version of all of these? Some of you LOVE your word. Some of you are questioning why you chose it. AND…some of you have even forgotten what word you chose. Wherever you are…I promise others have a version similar to yours.

Come to the Circle and explore: Have you been waiting for your word to work for you OR are you working your word with intention? AND…with more than half the year remaining, what are you willing to do about that? Join us to take stock of what you have been accomplishing thus far and forgive yourself for what you haven’t.

*Haven’t chosen a word? PLEASE join us. You are not behind. You have plenty of time to pick a word or change yours. The second half of the year is only half-baked!