Learning Session: Activity

Women's Wisdom Series: Clean Up Your Phone's Camera Roll

With: Tammi Leader - Founder, Campowerment

Thursday, July 25th at 8:30 pm EST

Duration: 75 minutes

About This Session:

How many photos do you have on your phone? If the answer is “too many” or if you’ve ever struggled to locate a picture you know is hiding in your phone somewhere, come purge and get organized in this month's interactive Women’s Wisdom Series.

Haleh Shoa, is a 3x Campowerment camper and Founder of Picturli, transforming the chaos of scattered memories into beautifully organized digital libraries that can be easily accessed and shared. In this session, we’ll organize our pictures and help you clean up your phone (in real-time) so you can finally find *those* photos and have all your memories at your fingertips.