Learning Session: Circle

Open Q&A: Parenting Queer Children

With: Tammi Leader - Founder, Campowerment

Monday, June 24th at 7:30 pm EST

Duration: 60 minutes

About This Session:

More than 1 in 5 Gen Z’ers, ages 18-26, now identify as LGBTQ. And Gallup says the number of people who identify as Queer is now roughly doubling with each generation.

Since there’s no parenting manual we’re opening up this Circle to get real about what we’ve learned and what we haven’t yet.

About pronouns and acceptance for all the ways our kids express themselves and who and how they love, so we can find new ways to give our LGBTQIA+ children, no matter the age, unconditional support. And together, find new ways to become the best possible parents, or grandparents, to our kids, who may never have needed us more than they do right now.

Come curious, and with questions or insight to share. This one’s a community-based Circle aimed at learning from each other.