Learning Session: Activity

Shake Your Soul®

With: Molly Delehey - Leader + Facilitator, Shake Your Soul

Sunday, June 2nd at 8:00 pm EST

Duration: 60 minutes

About This Session:

“Shake Your Soul” yoga dance is a mindful, blissful, spiritual movement practice, designed to relax your nervous system while tapping into the rhythm of your heart. It’s a fun way to help you unleash your inhibitions through guided, fluid movement, so you can finally let go of whatever sh*t you’ve been hauling around.

No matter your age or fitness level, this one’s for you if you’re ready to shake things up and reconnect to your body…to find your grace and your strength and let them both shine through, improv style!

Molly is a Certified a Shake Your Soul® instructor who can help transform and heal you, no matter what you’re holding onto. Wear comfy clothes and Zoom in from a space where you can move around freely!