Listening Session

Black History Month: Bringing Diversity to the Forefront of Your Community

With: Wendy Rose Berry - Co-Founder & CEO: conditionHER Moisturizing Cream

Tuesday, February 20th at 8:00 pm EST

Duration: 75 minutes

About This Session:

When Wendy came to Campowerment in 2014, she was working in TV Marketing at Warner Bros, and one of only a few Black voices in a Dining Hall of 100 women. Camp helped Wendy get moving on a big dream, a business idea in the health and wellness space with which she’d been toying.

It was at camp, where the connections she made with this community that were so unlike her own, would lead her to find exactly what she didn’t even know she was looking for.

And because Wendy says Campowerment helped launch her own fabulous journey of personal growth, she left camp feeling validated enough to find the confidence to quit her big job and do this. She is now the Co-Founder and CEO of the intimate skincare brand, conditionHER Moisturizing Cream.

That was just when the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion was beginning to be recognized at scale in corporate culture, and just ahead of it becoming a nearly universally understood need in mass culture. (The importance has always been there! Life took too long to begin to catch up.)

Come to this Listening Session if you want to learn some ways you can help diversify your own community, whatever that could look like. Bring your curiosity on how to build community across cultures and any questions.