Learning Session: Workshop

Heart Math: Managing Stress Through Change

With: Debra Heslin - NLP Master Coach & Trainer

Monday, February 12th at 8:00 pm EST

Duration: 75 minutes

About This Session:

Heart Math is an innovative, science based approach to re-regulate your emotions, by changing your heart rhythm pattern. And that can help you turn your nervous system around, to not only embrace change, but grow from it.

Debra is a Certified Heart Math Wellness Practitioner who can help you connect with your heart, to identify negative beliefs and begin to develop resilience-building strategies to better manage the emotional ups and downs that come with transitions big and small.

Come to this workshop to learn simple techniques to stay calm through any storm, which includes re-learning how to breathe to reduce the stress hormones that surface in the chaos, and creating an action plan for plugging the energy leaks that can keep you stuck in spin mode.