Learning Session: Circle

Torch That Sh*t: An Interactive Ritual of Release

With: Chelsea Leader Gold - CEO: Campowerment
Tammi Leader - Founder, Campowerment

Thursday, December 29th at 8:00 pm EST

Duration: 60 minutes

About This Session:

A tradition within our community from the get-go: we'll guide you through a journaling exercise where you purge -- in a structured or stream-of-consciousness manner -- all you're leaving behind in 2022. Come with a list or letter OR a blank piece of paper, and an idea of what you're not wanting to carry forward into the new year.

After we have everything down in writing -- and offer an opportunity to share -- we'll invite everyone to TORCH THAT SH*T, live or later. So come prepared with a safe plan to either burn (or backup: rip) what no longer serves you.

Our Campowerment Crew will set the example LIVE on FB and IG on 12.28 (one day prior to this session) - FB event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/517152413644566 <<< Invite your friends!

Have a gal pal who could use this interactive session? Have them sign up for our newsletter, then email [email protected] to ask to be your guest. We'll hook 'em up.