Listening Session

Family Secrets: Finding Your Power in the Truth

With: Melody Murray, LMFT - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Sharon Preston-Folta - Writer and Director
Debra Heslin - NLP Master Coach & Trainer

Thursday, February 24th at 7:00 pm EST

Duration: 75 minutes

About This Session:

Within families, there’s a ton of…content. Some rich and gorgeous and exciting, others tucked away in the nooks & crannies of lineage by someone’s act of intention, all relevant to informing and painting color around who we are, from where we came. Family secrets can be complicated, confusing and leave us with lots of unanswered questions, once they are out in the open.

In this multi-expert session, we’re talking about how and where to let go, as a way to find peace and forgiveness around your own family story. Even when you don’t know it until much later in life.

In 2012, at 57 years old, Sharon Preston-Folta revealed publicly that she was the secret love child and only daughter of jazz great Louis Armstrong. (Yes, THAT Louis Armstrong!) It was a dark family secret Sharon always knew, but kept quiet at the insistence of her mom, Satchmo’s former dancer and mistress of 20 years.

Sharon loved her dad, who died when she was a teenager, and that’s when the evidence that she even existed began to disappear. Last year, with a brilliant team, turned her story into a documentary, “Little Satchmo,” which, over the past year, has been received worldwide acclaim.

On this panel, Sharon will share the steps she took to get here, alongside Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Melody Murray, herself a survivor who blew her own life open in order to recover from her past, and Neurolinguistic Programming Coach Debra Heslin, who will share some tangible NLP tools to help you rewrite your own story. So you too can start living your own truth.

Watch the trailer here:

We'll dig into ways to process the things you can’t believe you never knew before and learn how to find some comfort and find solace in unraveling your own family secrets, even when there is outside pressure to “keep it to yourself."