Learning Session: Workshop

Feminine Imagination: Let Your Fantasy Transform Your Story

With: Tina Koopersmith - M.D., OB/GYN, Sexuality Coach

Wednesday, May 19th at 8:30 pm EST

Duration: 75 minutes

About This Session:

We all have a story and we’re sticking to it. But what if the hurt that happened to you as a child became the opportunity you would never have otherwise experienced? And what if you could turn this story around with your fantasies?

Come to this workshop dressed as a superhero or someone from history you wish you could be. Your fantasy alter ego. Is it Wonder Woman? Mother Teresa? Cleopatra? King Tut? Think about anyone whose life turns you on, and BE that person tonight. Capes and costumes are optional but can earn you bonus points.

Bring to this Workshop the story of your life…the one you always tell. Be prepared to dive into that story with your “bunkmates”, who will help you transform it in a way that might forever shift the way you look at things. When you change your mindset, you can change your story.

Dr. Tina’s perspective: I took my own story from “How did my body call in the muck I went through to transform myself? to "I am a genius to have called in my husband because I learned what it was like to have a crappy physical relationship, just so I could teach women how not to!" If you're ready to turn YOUR story around, come to this Workshop!