Learning Session: Activity

Dance Party: ICYMI

With: Chelsea Leader Gold - CEO: Campowerment
Tammi Leader - Founder, Campowerment

Friday, March 19th at 9:30 pm EST

Duration: 30 minutes

About This Session:

ICYMI = in case you missed it.

This weekend marks one whole lap around the sun since COVID sent us inside, so this groove fest is in celebration of every birthday, every wedding, every retirement, every anniversary, every everything we may have had to downsize or pass up partying over the last ONE YEAR of staying at home to keep each other safe.

Wear something you would have worn to the celebration that didn't happen as you expected OR wear a costume that reminds you of how much fun you are ;)

PS - This is also so that we can celebrate the birth of two members of the CP Crew: Court Fuller and Alli Romanski, March 20 babies) without whom this community would not be anywhere near what it is today.