Learning Session: Activity

International Women's Day: A Ritual Worry Wall Burn

With: Chelsea Leader Gold - CEO: Campowerment, Co-Founder: Grand Exit
Tammi Leader - Founder, Campowerment

Monday, March 8th at 3:30 pm EST

Duration: 45 minutes

About This Session:

There's a long-standing Campowerment tradition
That we've named the "Worry Wall"
Where we each pen something that bogs us down
Things that keep us from standing tall

Every input is anonymous
Meant to showcase the worries we share
We see everything from "aging parents" to "raising a bratty kid"
To "losing my beautiful hair"

Sometimes there are funny ones
Sometimes they run deep
Always: they remind us
Of the invisible thread throughout the company we keep

To honor International Women's Day
We're making a campfire and torching what holds us back
We hope you'll join us for a ritual burn
That will allow us to unpack

We'll go live setting ablaze the worries
That YOU submit via *THIS FORM* >> http://bit.ly/3d0VY7E
But not before we take a moment to read them (anonymously) aloud
To see what we can all learn